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Enhance education platforms – web design, development, and monthly maintenance solutions.

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Amplify causes online – web design, development, and monthly maintenance for non-profits.

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WPowering startup growth – web design, development, and monthly maintenance expertise.

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Author spotlight online – web design, development, and monthly maintenance solutions.

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Seamless online store operations – web design, development, and monthly maintenance.

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Showcase culinary excellence with our web design, development, and monthly maintenance.

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Small Businesses

Professional web design, development, and monthly maintenance for small businesses.

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Web design, development, monthly maintenance – personalized solutions for individuals.


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Seamless transactions, secure payments, and personalized shopping experiences.

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Exclusive access, personalized content, and seamless community integration.

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Recurring services, automatic updates, and hassle-free subscription management.

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Simplified giving, secure transactions, and transparent donation tracking.


At 925 Sites, Never Settle—Get the Best
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Unreliable and lack long term reliable support


Outdated designs, poor user experience and no SEO


Slow, overpriced, and not personalized

Super Simple 5 Minute Onboarding Process
Dedicated Project & Support Manager
Custom Website In As Little As 30 Days
Free Hosting, Maintenance, Security & Updates
Low Cost – Monthly Payment Plans


Hear from our clients.


925 Sites transformed our online presence with innovative web design and hassle-free monthly subscriptions.

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Sarah Turner

Founder, Tech Startup


The unmatched web design expertise coupled with worry-free monthly subscriptions make them the best choice for our organization.

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David Rodriguez

E-commerce Entrepreneur


Exceeding expectations, their smooth web design and lifesaving monthly subscription model are invaluable.

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Michael Chang

Non-profit Director

Spend Less,
Get More.




Frequently Asked Questions

What services does 925 Sites offer?

We specialize in website design and development, monthly maintenance, SEO optimization, automations, and social media management.

We have experience working with all sorts of industries, ranging from small businesses and nonprofits to enterprises. Feel free to reach out to us or check out our portfolio.

Where other web design agencies may leave you hanging for many months before launch, we know the sooner your website is up, the faster you can make sales.

That’s why we get your website live in as little as 30 days (once your onboarding phase is complete). Larger packages and add-on services may extend the length of your project.

We offer a dedicated team, tailored solutions, and affordable packages starting at just $49 per month.

Our packages cover regular updates, security enhancements, and optimizations to keep your website in top-notch condition.

Traditional agencies and freelancers will charge an upfront one time fee to build your site based on a template, and will leave you to figure it out the rest (hosting, security, etc). They will also charge extra any time you want to make an update. This often ends up costing you more.

Our approach with an all inclusive, no upfront, and low monthly payment ensures you are able to start and grow your online presence for a fair and transparent price, ensuring your long term success.

Yes, you can request a full refund of your subscription for any reason within the first 30 days.

At 925 Sites, we understand that businesses evolve and may require updates to their websites over time. That’s why we offer ongoing support and maintenance services to accommodate any changes or updates you may need after your website is developed. Whether it’s updating content, adding new features, or making design enhancements, our team is here to assist you every step of the way. Simply reach out to us with your requirements, and we’ll work closely with you to ensure your website remains up-to-date and optimized for success. With 925 Sites, your website is not just a one-time project but a dynamic and evolving digital asset that grows with your business.

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Ready To get started
with 925 Sites?

Over 10 years crafting success stories for small businesses — you’re next !